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Yoga Instructor, Darden Lotz

DARDEN LOTZ Yoga teacher

Darden hails from Vermont in the USA and has made Cape Town her home for the past fifteen years. She has been practicing yoga since 2003, and qualified as an Ashtanga Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance Registered Certification) under Australian Yoga Teacher Trainer (IYA) Jim Harrington.

Naturally athletic and having excelled in sports such as cross-country running and gymnastics in her youth, Darden discovered yoga as the most effective means to regain flexibility and build over-all body strength. She found that yoga practice dramatically improved her sports performance and overall health.

Becoming a teacher was a natural progression as she sought to impart her knowledge onto others who'd just begun taking the first steps of their respective yoga journeys.

She began blending facilitated stretching techniques (from gymnastics and running) with yoga sequences and found that the combination helped beginner and intermediate yoga students (particularly those without a 'sporty history') to progress more easily.

Her hands-on approach naturally lends itself towards private classes, where she can focus on and adjust the student continually throughout the entire class. Darden draws from her athletic background to blend various yoga styles with facilitated stretching.

The result is a yoga class that offers a full-body work-out and a full-body stretch, that can be tailored for just about anyone. She continues to encourage her students to cross-train with cardiovascular activities for a balanced, healthy, lifestyle.